10 Short Horror Films You You Should See

One of my favorite October pastimes is using the spooky season as an excuse to catch up on all of the horror films I didn’t get a chance to see during the year. That includes blockbusters, Indies, and, the subject of this post, short films.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of my current favorite short horror films on YouTube:

1. Kookie

Directed by Justin Harding.
This was done very well. The story was creepy but also had a nice progression, almost like a full length film. I like to collect horror related pictures, toys, and figurines, but I would NEVER buy a cookie jar that looked like that. What was that mother thinking?

2. The Smiling Man

Directed by A.J. Briones.
I feel like this is a bit artsy; but in an enjoyable non-pretentious away. I first saw this years ago but it’s forever stuck in my head. The color, the score, the acting. I feel like this could only work in the right hands, and thankfully it was done beautifully.

3. Other Side of the Box

Directed by Caleb J. Phillips.
This is my most recent favorite. It’s creepy, it’s bold, it’s what a horror fiend’s dreams are made of. Speaking of dreams, I try not to think about this before bed, because I don’t want to have a nightmare about that box. I haven’t been that scared from a film since All Hallows’ Eve (2013), when I first saw Art the Clown.

4. The Moonlight Man

Directed by Danny Donahue.
This short had the same feel as Lights Out. I like that they showed the Moonlight Man standing out in the open. That’s not done enough in horror films and I appreciate it when I see it. Normally, it’s all quick shots and jump scares, which is okay as long as it’s not overdone. While I didn’t like the second part to this, I think it could make a cool movie if they could come up with a nice backstory.

5. Clap Clap

Directed by Brandon Piskorik.
My anxiety was sky high while watching it. It might be the only one I haven’t re-watched because it gave me such a feeling of dread. Knowing exactly what’s coming and not being able to stop it is high up on my list of terrifying things.

6. Bedfellows

Directed by Drew Daywalt.
I think this is the first horror short I saw on YouTube and the reason I began searching for more. Something I found unique about it is the viewer is fully aware of what is happening. Instead of the scare being centered on the viewer, it’s on the character. We’re just a spectator. Whether that’s good or bad is a matter of opinion.

7. Mr. Hendrix

Directed by Zeke Pinheiro.
This can be found in Fun Size Horror: Volume One on Amazon Prime. I want a full movie about Mr. Hendrix and to learn his origin story. I’ve seen similar concepts but this was my favorite.

8. A Dog and His Boy

Directed by Zeke Pinheiro.
This is also included in Fun Size Horror: Volume One. I’d recommend watching the entire anthology because there were some other gems, but this was up there as one of my favorites. It’s definitely horror but I thought it was cute.

9. The Wolf Who Came to Dinner

Directed by Jem Garrard.
This one is family friendly. It was very entertaining with a cute concept. I also loved the animation during the ending credits–like the beginning credits of an older comedy–so stick around for that.

10. Bed Demon

Directed by Henrique Couto.
This is the perfect end to a spooky night. It still has the horror atmosphere but it’s hilarious and guaranteed to lighten the mood before calling it a night.

I hope you found something new here that you enjoyed!

Please comment below if you have a favorite that was not included.

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